Twelve week online mastermind groups for women.

Here are a few details...More information coming soon!


  • Inspire personal breakthroughs and transformation by giving women a taste of what the live retreat has to offer during the time of year when it's not happening live and/or for those who cannot come to one.
  • And, an ongoing support system for those who have taken a live retreat to keep the momentum and progress going.
  • To provide an opportunity for increased self awareness, clarity of purpose, goal setting/achieving, tools for transformation with the synergy of like minded women who are committed to growing, evolving and manifesting their dreams.

Week By Week Content

  • Twelve weeks, meet once a week on Zoom (with video for those that want to be seen)
  • Based on the content from my live retreats, each mastermind session will start with a 30 min. presentation on a specific topic
  • The remaining hour will be for 1-2 hot seat experiences that the whole group participates in. 
  • Opportunity to set and achieve big goals with the support, experience, and insight of the whole group!

Who Is This For?

  • For women who value in person retreats-particularly for personal & spiritual growth, as well as wellness tools
  • Women who feel a gap between their desired life and the day to day one they are living
  • Want to go from where they are to where they want to be, without spending too much time in the past
  • Who typically go home and don’t implement or keep it going, this group is to keep that energy and momentum going
  • A woman who may not be able to attend a live retreat, or during the time of year when they aren’t happening
  • Want a limited # of participants, and a more personalized, customized experience
  • For women who want to learn from others who are walking their talk
  • A woman ready to make the changes and do the work! Those who get extraordinary results are willing to do the work.

Program Benefits

  • Goal setting and achieving. They will get group support, immediate feedback, connection and accountability (held accountable for achieving goals and objectives in defined period of time), and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group

  • A non-judgmental forum to ask questions and receive powerful, loving, supportive, direction from me and the group members who have overcome similar obstacles.

  • We will even do a Facebook live cooking class

  • High level information that will dramatically reduce everyone's learning curve.

  • MM members will receive detailed personal guidance from me. Proven techniques, strategies, tools and shortcuts to live a life of thriving, not just surviving. Raise consciousness and energetic vibration. Step into your power. Consciously create the life you want, not just by default.