I don’t want to be dramatic…but I’ll say (the retreat) was life changing.
— Rebecca B.
I couldn’t believe how radically these guys attacked their lives and made radical changes, and they were so peaceful (about it).
— Dr. Chris Hamel, the Licensed Psychologist who taught the first season’s mindfulness program.
I feel happier and more peaceful and more loving. It seems to have affected (my husband) too – in much the same ways as far as our relationship. I have a feeling that we’re in a good place as I see us being our authentic selves with each other more and more.
— Gale T.
This program (retreat) was the perfect manifestation of everything I would envision for a holistic healing program.
— Hannah K.
About Dave:

Dave is a good teacher. He’s also the personification of what he does and what he is telling you. I found it really interesting, even more so than I could have imagined with so little prior knowledge.
— Gale T.
(The retreat) It was a better experience for me than was a 2 month, in patient treatment at a VA hospital. End of story. That says how incredible it was!
— Stephanie K.
I have been a therapist for 26 years and this past summer I knew I needed to walk my talk! ... It is the perfect retreat in so many ways. Starting with the setting of the beautiful mountains of VT, to the wonderful food, we spent time mediating, taking hikes, swimming in the river, doing yoga, focusing on learning more about myself ... I have to include the amazing Equine therapy program ... In two hours I walked away with what would take a year in therapy. It (The Retreat) is truly a valuable experience I recommend to everyone!
— Andrea C.
I really feel more authentic in that I am no longer so critical of myself which results in feeling more confident and powerful.
— Gale T.
Amy was an early visionary pioneer in the field of Green Living. She has amassed a wealth of knowledge in this arena that is incomparable. While many people can talk about the current condition of things, she can see and talk to a future where we all live healthier and more holistically. Her positive, practical and insightful way of gently guiding us in that direction is full of heart and passion. She is a great asset to every project she works on and is enormously generous and collaborative.
— Theresa Langston
One of the things I really like about Amy is that she’s an educator not a preacher when it comes to green living. So many green living advocates seek only to persuade others to live green but they provide very little in the way of help on how to do it. Amy has been around the industry for what seems like as long as the movement has been around and she takes her work and the people she coaches seriously.
— Glenn Garnes, Small Business Strategist, Marketing, Training, Owner, CEO (business partner)