Thank you for signing up for our life changing wellness retreat!
We can't wait to see you here in the Mad River Valley of Vermont.

I know that it takes some courage to sign up for a retreat-especially one that encourages you to play all out. Maybe that means pushing your boundaries a little, trying new things, even if there is a bit of fear. 

You likely know that what you put in to an experience directly determines what you get out of it. We love helping to facilitate big positive changes.

We can't wait to meet you and share all sorts of wonderful experiences and tools to help you on your way to creating the happy, healthy, thriving life that you desire. This will definitely be an experience to be remembered and built upon.

You'll be getting an email shortly with a fairly detailed intake questionnaire. People tell me that it gets the energy and momentum for positive change going.

Thanks again for signing up. I'll be in touch soon.

Be well,